Friday November 17th/23

Quiz – who is this rider? Answer to yesterday – The Bike was later called a Cagiva and the guy sitting on it – John Hulme of Trial Mag UK fame Neil Carter was in first with the correct response – followed by the usual Bob Clark, Brett, Harlow. – Stan got in late with… Continue reading Friday November 17th/23

Wednesday November 15th/23

Answer to the Tuesday quiz – Alan(Sid) Lampkin on a 250 BSA the year he made History by being the last rider to win the Scottish on a British 4 Stroke. Only – Brett – Harlow – got this correct – it was a toughie Quiz – Who are these “Old Timers” =========================================== Upcoming Trial… Continue reading Wednesday November 15th/23

Tuesday November 14th /23

Wishing Sammy Miller a very happy 90’th birthday from Trials fans everywhere – He rode a race bike into the showroom to celebrate. Sammy said he quit World Class Road racing – because “I would rather be an old Trials rider – than a dead road racer” What a legend. (Note! we imported a lot… Continue reading Tuesday November 14th /23

Monday November 13th/23

How Green was my Valley – Yes this is a pic taken in Wales -just South of where we lived in the UK – No wonder I like the Okanagan it’s so similar – ( but without the sheep) ============================================ The undisputed King of Modern day Trials – Toni Bou, has come out with his… Continue reading Monday November 13th/23

Sunday November 12th/23

Answer to the Saturday quiz – Sammy Miller – pic taken in the Isle of Man TT Lightweight race he is riding a Mondial with a full fairing – these were banned later that year as side winds caused a few fatalities. – ( We were at the TT that week – brilliant times) (… Continue reading Sunday November 12th/23

Friday November 10/23

This news was posted yesterday – seems like a bit of a shake up going on with Sherco – Malcolm has been selling them for a very long time. Malcolm Rathmell Sport Ltd 37m  ·  PRESS RELEASE – November 9th 2023 After a long relationship, which has lasted for over 24 years, Sherco Importers, Malcolm Rathmell… Continue reading Friday November 10/23

Thursday November 9th/23

Answer to the Wednesday quiz – Diego Bosis – the great Italian rider who so tragically passed away from a heart attack at only 40 years old – quite a few of the regulars got this – and also Roy from across the lake, who shared a brilliant Wednesday ride with me in the sunshine..… Continue reading Thursday November 9th/23

Wednesday November 8th/23

Quite a few of our readers who also click onto face book – will have noticed that we have recently shared a number of video clips of Welsh Choirs- As many will know the Welsh people are famous for their singing with Wales often referred to as ” The Land of Song” The Welsh Male… Continue reading Wednesday November 8th/23